Hi, I'm iain!

i like to make stuff and solve problems!

Profile Picture of iain eudailey, featuring curly blond hair and a cyan plaid flannel, his face dappled with light from the afternoon sun.

By day, I am a UX Architect and I spend my free time pretending to be a successful artist. I am drawn to both the arts and sciences, so web design was a pretty easy choice of career.

In my work, I strive to create experiences that are user friendly and engaging, while following the data to ensure a frictionless UX. When creating my designs, I lean heavily on my creative background to create imagery that compliments the brand. I love being involved with every aspect of creating a web experience: From ideation and design, to coding the interactivity, and ensuring a fully accessible experience.

I started creating web experiences in 2007, and I am still learning, which is by far my favorite part of the job: I never get bored. If you want to get in touch, feel free to message me through one of the socials below!

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